• Media Communication Campaign/Project

AIMS have been implemented a long term Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) communication project named COASTWASH funded by Netherlands based donor agency ICCO Cooperation since 2012 to 2015. The project have been implemented in Khulna division costal area on water, sanitation and hygiene issues and involved in national level awareness and advocacy on WASH.

AIMS was also working as a technical partner with the ICCO Bangladesh partnership programme Security, Market Access, Rights & Transparency in Coastal Bangladesh (SMART) to improve and change the life of the 10% most vulnerable households in the 45 most risk prone Upazillas of southern Bangladesh in 5 years.

  • Video Production

The firm has inimitable production unit to provide full-fledged audio-visual production and communication services. The firm has experienced of working with government and non-government organizations, international organizations through audio visual media on human rights and public interest, socio-economic development and many other rights based and development issues. Besides, this organization produces various other communication materials, supports media coverage and makes promotional videos, infotainment and entertainment programs for the television media.

The firm is led by energetic and forward looking media professionals having enormous experience in the fields of development video production, AV materials production and production management. Producing audio visual content in the development field means creating the perfect blend of objectivity and creativity. Lacking in either would result in an incomplete production. AIMS and its team consider this guideline as ‘Numero Uno’ in all its productions. The result of this approach is the growing list of satisfied clients and some quality video documentaries.

The key persons in this organization all have an established track record and experience of working in reputed Media Organizations. Their experience and expertise in producing various programs on social development ensures production of rich and objective focused video content that meets and surpassed the client requisites.

  • Photography

We are passionate about photography. Our experience allows us to create stunning, artistic imagery that totally captures the subject at hand whether it’s a portrait shoot, an event or a commercial venture. We are committed to creating outstanding images that will enhance your product or service. We have our own setup with own photographers and assistants who have been appreciated around our clients, as well as appearing in different publications.

  • Events & Activation

Events like Workshop, Football tournament, Story Contest and Prize Giving Ceremony, Stalls and many more have been organized by AIMS Bangladesh. Also some national events have been organized by AIMS. Here you will get a glimpse of those events.

  • Publications & Printings

Our Printing Services staff is eager to assist you with your print publication needs. Our seasoned professionals will assist you in each step of the process to ensure a top quality, effective solution.  AIMS’s have specialized knowledge which will help you create successful publications. Our extensive experience will help you take forward in your business.

  • Advertising

AIMS’s advertising media selection is a process of choosing the most cost-effective media for advertising, to achieve the required coverage and number of exposures in a target audience. ADVERTISING is mass media content intended to persuade audiences of readers, viewers or listeners to take action on products, services and ideas. So always our advertising idea is to drive consumer behavior in a particular way in regard to a product, service or concept.

Our Advertising media includes:

  • Social (Facebook, youtube, etc.)
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Outdoor billboards
  • Theatre
  • Cultural Program
  • Digital advertising (such as web-based, mobile and mobile applications)
  • Other media (catalogs, samples, handouts, posters, stickers, brochures, newsletters and so on)